carpet-photo (Dirty Sepia)

“Manoux turns in a virtuoso performance. ┬áHis riotous physical self-destruction would do credit to Peter Sellers and Jacques Tati.” – Variety

“Manoux in particular is very good, with a performance that combines physical slapstick and hyper-verbal volleys.” – L.A. Weekly

“Kudos to comedian J.P. Manoux for his excellent impersonation of Vincent Cassel from ‘Swan’ not that ‘Scary Movie V’s’ target audience will notice.” – L.A. Times

“Manoux is lively and agile. ┬áHis captivating performance is dispatched with graceful skill and clever inventiveness.” – L.A. Reader

“Manoux is a pixiesh boy/man, deeply sentimental, odd, nebbishy, innocent, and devastatingly funny.” – Beverly Press

“A real talent… a skillful comedian.” – Backstage West