Spun Out episodes can be viewed legally in Canada via CTV.ca and illegally everywhere else via PirateBay.com. “Deanelganger” scenes from Community coming soon!

JP Manoux - The League (Dirty Sepia)

“The League”

Scenes from episode 5.10 – “The Near Death Flex-Perience”

…for which I will certainly go straight to Hell.

Duration: 04:16

J.P. Manoux - Modern Family (Dirty Sepia)

“Modern Family”

Scenes from episode 5.2 – “First Days”

Duration: 02:19

JP Manoux: NCIS scenes Aug 14 (Dirty Sepia)

“NCIS: Los Angeles”

Scenes from episode 3.22 – “Neighborhood Watch”

Duration: 03:09

J.P. Manoux - Scary Movie 5 (Dirty Sepia)

“Scary Movie 5”

Scenes from the instalment that probably killed the franchise.

Duration: 04:41

Wedding Band (Dirty Sepia)

“Wedding Band”

Scene from episode 1.3 – “Don’t You Forget About Me”

Duration: 01:49