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AIG auto insurance (Dirty Sepia)

“AIG auto insurance”


Duration: 01:01

Amazing (Dirty Sepia)


Shot for fun, with Brooke Lenzi and Charlie Weirauch.

Duration: 01:20

"Museum" - HTC First™ AT&T Commercial (Dirty Sepia)

“AT&T – Museum”

Droning for Droid with Azure Parsons.

Duration: 00:31

JP Manoux - Big Time Rush (Dirty Sepia)

“Big Time Rush”

Scenes from episode 4.01 – “Big Time Invasion”

Viewable again soon. Viacom is being a dick right now.

Duration: 02:13

Bones (Dirty Sepia)


Scene from episode 7.11 – “The Family in the Feud”

Duration: 00:59

California Lottery (Dirty Sepia)

“California Lottery – Way Better Boys”

Organized gambling, anyone?

Duration: 00:31

Circuit City (Dirty Sepia)

“Circuit City – Soccer Fan”

Yes, I single-handedly killed a nation-wide chain of electronics stores.

Duration: 00:31