California Lottery (Dirty Sepia)

“California Lottery – Way Better Boys”

Organized gambling, anyone?

Duration: 00:31

Circuit City (Dirty Sepia)

“Circuit City – Soccer Fan”

Yes, I single-handedly killed a nation-wide chain of electronics stores.

Duration: 00:31

Fruit of the Loom "Blue" (Dirty Sepia)

“Fruit of the Loom – Blue”

The Fruit Guys hit rewind.

Duration: 02:15

Fruit of the Loom - Christmas (Dirty Sepia)

“Fruit of the Loom – Christmas”

The Fruit Guys wish everyone a season of “Comfort & Joy”.

Duration: 00:30

Honda - Leaving Early (Dirty Sepia)

“Honda – Leaving Early”

Escape with me… and note how spacious a Honda Civic seems when driven by someone 5’6″.

Duration: 00:31

Maxwell House - Fortune Teller (Dirty Sepia)

“Maxwell House – Fortune Teller”

15 seconds of uncertainty.

Duration: 00:17

Miracle Whip - The Big Fight (Dirty Sepia)

“Miracle Whip – The Big Fight”

I asked for a line of dialogue.  They gave me a jar of mayonnaise.

Duration: 00:31

MTD Yard Machines - Golf (Dirty Sepia)

“MTD Yard Machines – Golf”

I take one of Dax Shepard’s balls to the face.

Duration: 02:19