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Honda - Leaving Early (Dirty Sepia)

“Honda – Leaving Early”

Escape with me… and note how spacious a Honda Civic seems when driven by someone 5’6″.

Duration: 00:31

JP Manoux - The League (Dirty Sepia)

“The League”

Scenes from episode 5.10 – “The Near Death Flex-Perience”

…for which I will certainly go straight to Hell.

Duration: 04:16

The LA Complex (Dirty Sepia)

“The L.A. Complex”

Scenes from episode 2.12 – “Xs and Os”

Duration: 02:59

Maxwell House - Fortune Teller (Dirty Sepia)

“Maxwell House – Fortune Teller”

15 seconds of uncertainty.

Duration: 00:17

JP Manoux - Men at Work scenes (Dirty Sepia)

“Men at Work”

Scenes from episode 2.5 – “The Good, The Bad & The Milo”

Duration: 01:17

Miracle Whip - The Big Fight (Dirty Sepia)

“Miracle Whip – The Big Fight”

I asked for a line of dialogue.  They gave me a jar of mayonnaise.

Duration: 00:31

J.P. Manoux - Modern Family (Dirty Sepia)

“Modern Family”

Scenes from episode 5.2 – “First Days”

Duration: 02:19

MTD Yard Machines - Golf (Dirty Sepia)

“MTD Yard Machines – Golf”

I take one of Dax Shepard’s balls to the face.

Duration: 02:19

JP Manoux: NCIS scenes Aug 14 (Dirty Sepia)

“NCIS: Los Angeles”

Scenes from episode 3.22 – “Neighborhood Watch”

Duration: 03:09

Outtakes Ghost & J.P. Manoux (The Evil Bellhop from Angel) (Dirty Sepia)

“Outtakes w/ Ghost – FanExpo Canada 2011”

I don’t know what happened here.

Duration: 01:01