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er-720x480 (Dirty Sepia)


Scenes from season 13.

Duration: 03:14

Eurotrip Robot Mime Fight Scene (Dirty Sepia)


Robot Mime fight!

Duration: 02:56

Fruit of the Loom "Blue" (Dirty Sepia)

“Fruit of the Loom – Blue”

The Fruit Guys hit rewind.

Duration: 02:15

Fruit of the Loom - Christmas (Dirty Sepia)

“Fruit of the Loom – Christmas”

The Fruit Guys wish everyone a season of “Comfort & Joy”.

Duration: 00:30

Daddy Was The Apple Of My Eye (Fruit Guys & Vince Gill) (Dirty Sepia)

“Fruit of the Loom – Daddy Was The Apple Of My Eye”

The Fruit Guys perform with Vince Gill.

Duration: 02:25

Fruit of the Loom - lowrider (Dirty Sepia)

“Fruit of the Loom – Lowrider”

Trained professionals. Do not attempt the low riding of your own underpants.

Duration: 00:32

The Game 2000 - Long Video (Dirty Sepia)

“The Game 2000”

For a few years in the 90′s, friends and I became obsessed with staging elaborate treasure hunt road races. In 2000, we threw a camera in each car and pitched the mayhem as a show.  This project pre-dates THE AMAZING RACE and features Sean Hayes, Nicole Sullivan, Dean Haglund, Penn Jillette, David Cross, Scott Foley, Greg Grunberg, Jason Winer, Doug Benson and others. Produced with Greg Rice, Pep Rosenfeld and Craig Spirko.

Duration: 24:11

Gameshow Boy (Dirty Sepia)

“Gameshow Boy”

A mash-up of my appearances on Wheel of Fortune: Teen Week (1986), Family Feud (1989), and Jeopardy! (1993).  Not so much an emotional roller coaster as a perfect slide.

Duration: 02:00

Brittlelactica (Dirty Sepia)

“Got Milk? – Brittlelactica”

Playing a lactose-deficient alien with Jack Plotnick.

Duration: 02:49